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Karl Friedrich Schinkel - Stage set for Mozart's Magic Flute - WGA21001

The histrionic villainess of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” (Die Zauberflöte), The Queen of the Night also makes a great adversary for The Gothic Game of Romantic Horror. Like all Incarnations, she is best used as a plot-device. Challenging the Queen to a direct fight would be foolishly suicidal for all but the most powerful Magicians. The three Ladies that do her bidding, on the other hand, are another story! Presenters who are running games set in Highdark Hall should decide whether or not this is the same “Queen of the Night” that haunts the Lunar Ballroom.

I’ve taken a few creative liberties with the Queen and her Ladies. I think the elaborations are in the spirit of the source material, however.

The Queen of the Night
Fairy Monarch of the Gloomy Hours

Signs & Portents: A clap of thunder. All candles and sources of indoor light become dimmer. The night seems deeper and almost tangible. The stars and moon seems brighter, yet sharply defined within the darkness.
Initial Impression: A lovely woman with jet-black hair, skin so pale as to be almost translucent, and deep blue eyes. She is dressed in swaths of translucent black, blue, and purple silk embroidered with silver stars. She wears an elaborate headdress of silver filigree, jet, and star sapphires. Alternately, she wears a gown of black velvet and sable, a mask of black lace, and a delicate silver tiara. Silver stars will shine in her hair. Rarely, she will appear as a nightingale, or Grand paon de nuit moth. She always appears to be personally spotlit, even in the midst of otherwise complete darkness.
Size: Human-sized (or by form)

Perversity: 16
Disposition: Scheming
Charisma: 20 Intelligence: 20 Wisdom: 20
Strength: 20 Dexterity: 20 Constitution: 20
Speed: 9

Armor Class: 10
Hit Dice: 20 (120 Hit Points)
Attacks: 1 (by weapon type)
Special Abilities: Create Weird Objects | Fairy Characteristics | Fairy Magic |
Weaknesses: Banished by the Sun. | Fairy Weaknesses | Limited Power Over Spirits (Fairies only)
Assets: Beautiful Singing Voice, Seductive, Talented Artist
Afflictions: Easily Angered, Obsessive
Preternatural Powers: All Glamors, all 0 – 3rd Level Blessings, Divinations, Evocations, Fascinations, and Transmutations, but no Maledictions (except Decrease Wisdom).
Favored Preternatural Powers: Charm Person, Curse, Darkness, Decrease Wisdom, Hide Lies, Inflict Love, Levitate, Shadow Conjuration, Phantasmagoria V

Usual Surroundings: All places under the nights sky, dances and masquerade balls, theaters and opera houses.
Level: 10

The fairy Queen of the Night is by turns seductive, charming, vengeful, and spiteful. Her personality is flamboyantly melodramatic, even operatic! She loves to affect helplessness, pleading for someone to help her right some supposed wrong done to her. Anyone who falls victim to her manipulation will find themselves trapped within a multi-layered plot built of interlocking lies.

The Queen of the Night hates all religion and systems of enlightenment. She wishes the human race to live in endless night, both physical and spiritual. For the same reason she encourages superstition in every way that she can. It is said that she even plots to eventually destroy the sun itself. She has given birth to many children fathered by human men through the centuries, and she employs her human offspring to further her nefarious schemes. Several aristocratic families are supposedly descended from the Queen of the Night, although she forbids her children from accepting any honors or titles of nobility bestowed by religious leaders. She has a particular hatred for the cult of Isis and Osiris.

Like the nightingale, the Queen love to sing in the darkness. Although the melodies may be sweet, the words often express the darkest emotions.

The Queen of the Night is served by three Ladies: the Enchantress, the Murderess, and the Seductress. In each time and place where she manifests the Queen will chose different three different women to be her Ladies. The Enchantress is usually a Witch (Magician), but could also be a Mad Scientist. The Murderess could be a Vampyre, Werewolf, or Cannibal, or just an ordinary poisoner. The Seductress is almost always a Libertine, sometimes even a former True Innocent seduced into wickedness by the Queen. When the Queen leaves one setting to pursue her schemes in another, she will dismiss her current Ladies and gather three new ones. If encountered in the Fairy Otherworld, her Ladies might be Sprites or Goblins in human form.

The Queen of the Night is frequently confused the Lilith, the Queen of Hell. The two powers are bitter rivals, however, and will not cooperate under any circumstances. The Queen of the Night makes a point of never appearing with the flaming red hair and golden jewelry characteristic of Lilith’s Incarnation.

The Queen of the Night’s Special Abilities:

Create Weird Objects: The Queen of the Night can create any kind of Weird Object she likes, once per day. She often uses her Ladies as couriers to distribute such Objects to the proper recipients. She can enchant an existing object, or simply manifest one from thin air. Examples of the kind of objects the Queen might create include a magical padlock that will adhere to a person’s mouth and silence them; an enchanted portrait that will Inflict Love for its subject upon the viewer; or even a magic flute with myriad powers.

Fairy Characteristics: Like all Fairies, The Queen of the Night is immune to all normal weapons, except those which are made of pure iron or otherwise enchanted. She cannot be harmed by poison, disease, or any Preternatural Fascination effect. The Queen can see perfectly regardless of illumination, and enjoys the constant benefits of True Seeing. She can speak, write, and understand all languages and forms of communication.

Fairy Magic: In addition to the Preternatural Powers she possesses for bring the Incarnation of a spiritual power, her status as a Fairy allows The Queen of the Night to employ the following effects: Decrease Wisdom, Enter Ethereal Plane, Ghost Lights, Hide Lies, Invisibility, Pass Without Trace, Polymorph Other, and Polymorph Self. She can also employ Attract Lover as a boon for those who please her. She is especially fond of using Invisibility and Enter Ethereal Plane to effect dramatic entrances and exits.

The Queen of the Night’s Weaknesses

Banished by the Sun: The Queen of the Night must never see the pure light of the Sun. If she can be somehow tricked into doing so, see instantly loses her Preternatural Powers, any malicious magic she has worked on others is undone, and she is banished back to her realm of Eternal Night. Note that the sun so affects her even if she is in an Ethereal state. The Queen can otherwise function during the day, so long as she remains in darkness.

Fairy Weaknesses: Like all Fairy creatures, The Queen of the Night is Vulnerable to Iron, and cannot cross a barrier of iron under any circumstances (even when in an Ethereal state). Furthermore, she is Vulnerable to Natural Fire (but not fire of Preternatural origin). The Queen finds pure crystalline salt disgusting, but not briny water.

Limited Power Over Spirits: The Queen of the Night can only target Fairies when she employs the following Preternatural Powers: Banish Spirit, Bind Spirit, Summon Spirit.