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writing-desk-ghost Christmas time is here again. It’s the season for decorations and songs. Eggnog and cookies. Little men moving in the night, and a spirit of justice flying through the air. There’s darkness around those Christmas lights, and it’s always been there.

Americans have largely forgotten the tradition of the Christmas ghost story, but it was once a vital part of our celebration. We love “A Christmas Carol”, but fail to acknowledge the tradition of Yuletide horror that it represents. But, what could be more appropriate on a cold winter’s night than to shudder at a chilling tale? When our ancestors shivered from the cold, they also told stories to send shivers down their spines!

This year, have a truly traditional Christmas. Help bring back the Christmas ghost story! Remember that elves are kin to goblins, and Krampus comes too. It isn’t just the living who yearn to be with their families, and mischievous sprites still lurk in your Christmas tree.

Look outside. What left such strange tracks in the new-fallen snow?

Horror doesn’t end at Halloween!