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Antoine Wiertz - Faim, folie et crime

Ghoulish Appetite (Transmutation)

Level: Preternatural Power 1
Affected Area: User
Duration: Until dawn
Saving Throw: None

This power allows a Vampyre to consume human flesh instead of drinking blood. Two ounces of human flesh is equal to one pint of blood. For example, a 5th Level Vampyre who otherwise need 5 pints of blood a night can instead consume 10 ounces of human flesh. The flesh must be human, but need not be fresh. It can in fact be in an advanced state of decomposition.

The Vampyric Form of one with this power will have facial features vaguely reminiscent of a jackal, hyena, or vulture.

Monstrous Offspring (Transmutation)

Level: Incantation 3, Ceremony 2, Pact 3, Mad Invention 2, Preternatural Power 3
Affected Area: 1 Nearby Recipient or User
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Negates

The User curses the next child of the Subject (male or female) to be born a Monster. If the User employs this effect upon their own unborn child, the resulting Monster will regard the User with the same affection as any other child, willingly obeying directions.

The Monster so created could be anything from an Ogre to a Lake Serpent, but will never be higher Level than the User. Naturally, it will be born small, with only 1 Hit Die. It will grow at the rate of 1 HD per month, until it reaches its final size. The Monster could also be a chimeric blend of creatures. For example, a witch in the British colony of New Jersey once gave birth to a Monstrous Offspring that resembled some kind of devil, with the head of a horse, the body of a dog, the hooves of a goat, and the wings of a bat.

Each use of this effect automatically raises the User’s Perversity by 1 point.

Steal Breath (Malediction)

Level: Incantation 2, Pact 2, Mad Invention 3, Preternatural Power 2
Affected Area: 1 Nearby Recipient
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Negates

The User causes a living being to lose their breath, inflicting 1d6 points of Lethal Damage, plus 1d6 points of Nonlethal Damage. Nonliving, naturally incorporeal, or non-breathing Creatures (including most Spirits, but not Fairies) are immune to a Steal Breath effect.

Vampyres can use this Effect to feed. Each point of Lethal Damage inflicted is equivalent to drinking 1 pint of blood. Those who feed this way can choose to only inflict 1 point of Lethal Damage to a victim, but the Nonlethal Damage is still 1d6. The face of such a Vampyre in their Vampyric Form will often have a vaguely feline cast.