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Jean-Baptiste Oudry Leopard, 1741

Possess Beast (Fascination)

Level: Incantation 3, Ceremony 2, Pact 3, Preternatural Power 3
Affected Area: 1 animal of the User’s level or lower.
Duration: Until morning
Saving Throw: Prevents possession

The User’s body falls into a deep sleep, while their mind possesses the body of an animal of their own Level or lower. The user can specify what kind of animal they wish to possess. The nearest animal of that type must make a Saving Throw, or have their mind taken over by the User. If the first targeted animal resists the effect, the next nearest one is targeted, and so on. If the user desires to possess a rare or exotic animal, they could easily find themselves hundreds of miles away from their body! Once an animal is possessed, the User can thereafter always use Possess Beast on that same creature without the possibility of being resisted.

The User can employ all of the senses and Special Abilities of the animal possessed, which essentially become a puppet. Unfortunately, the User’s mind must remain in the animal until morning, and all damage inflicted on the possessed beast is also suffered by the User’s sleeping body. If the sleeping User is found and slain while their mind is still possessing an animal, the User’s mind will be stuck in the creature’s body for the remainder of the beast’s natural life. Additionally, the User may be condemned to become a Zoomorphic Revenant afterwards.

The effect is often used by witches for the sheer joy of running free through the wilderness, as well as for espionage and assassination. It is possible that the displaced spirit of the possessed beast might roam as a Spectral Animal.

Scenario seeds:

The distinctively marked wolf that was attacking the local herds by night displayed a shocking level of intelligence. When it was later found and and killed during the day, the attacks stopped. Now another wolf, seemingly just as intelligent, is again slaughtering livestock. Who is the witch or warlock possessing the predator, and how can they be stopped?

The sorceress was pleased with herself when she used a bear’s body to revenge herself upon the local magistrate. She was less pleased when the angry spirit of the bear decided to enact a revenge of its own.