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Here’s a surprise Halloween treat for you all – the complete Highdark Hall is now available for download on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow!

Experience a place of hauntings and High Society, where good manners are veils for murderous intentions. Welcome to Highdark Hall! Horrors beyond belief, and romances beyond reason, have played out within its walls. Designed as a backdrop that would support the creative visions of individual Game Masters, Highdark Hall is intended as a setting where shocking stories of love, death, and the supernatural can emerge spontaneously from interacting with its colorful inhabitants and strange locations. What further catastrophes befall its occupants and their guests, are for you to decide.

This PDF collects the Highdark Hall material you may already know, and also reveals many previously hidden secrets. It includes:

    • Detailed, historically plausible floor-plans for an 18th century Stately Home on five floors.
    • An overview of the enigmatic Altumber family and their (in)famous residence.
    • Over 100 interior locations, from the opulent Lunar Ballroom, to the secret Hellfire Chapel.
    • A fully mapped parkland filled with dramatic (and potentially dangerous) locations.
    • Over 50 unique NPCs, from the vile to the virtuous, in a tangle of conflicting desires set to explode.
    • Extensive rumors and legends, ripe for investigation by the brave (and foolish).
    • Schedules of the entertainments and activities enjoyed by visitors, with descriptions of typical meals.
    • An in-depth description of the legendary (and possibly haunted) Hedge Maze of Highdark Hall.
    • A description of the annual Autumnal Masque, with tables to generate the costumes of attendees.

Plus, printable versions of all maps.

Highdark Hall was created especially for use with Ghastly Affair, the Gothic Game of Romantic Horror, but it has potential for any game set in Georgian, Napoleonic, Regency, or early Victorian times. It could even be explored by modern paranormal investigators, come to uncover its disturbing past. How will its spirits speak to you?

Note: Highdark Hall contains some mature subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.