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A Ghastly Companion to Castles, Mansions, & Estates – Rough-Hewn Edition is your complete guide to gaming in the opulent Grand Houses of the Georgian, French Revolutionary, Napoleonic, and Regency eras. Although created especially for use with Ghastly Affair, “The Gothic Game of Romantic Horror”, it’s also an invaluable resource for any game set in the late eighteenth to early nineteenth centuries. Whether your scenarios involve destroying supernatural terrors lurking in crumbling castles, climbing the rungs of the social ladder through opulent townhouses, or unraveling the horrible secrets of the country gentry, this book is an essential reference!

This pre-release “ashcan” version does not include the illustrations, maps, floor-plans, and indices that will be in the full release. You still get over 270 pages of historical information, random tables, and practical advice, including:

  • A discussion of the various types of Grand Houses across 18th century Europe.
  • An outline of a typical day’s activities in a Castle, Mansion, or Estate House.
  • Over 100 tables to create a historically plausible Grand House, along with its inhabitants, gardens, and events – at whatever level of detail you desire.
  • A complete guide to the servants and retainers who make aristocratic life possible.
  • Tips for running an immersive Gothic “sandbox” that doesn’t force players into a pre-determined plotline.
  • A discussion of 18th century coaching inns (and coaches).
  • Random encounter tables for an 18th century setting.
  • Complete systems for randomly generating plausible ruins, caves, and subterranean crypts.
  • Tables for creating sumptuous, historically-accurate feasts.
  • Multiple tables for generating dramatic events that occur at dinner, during dances, and on the morning promenade.
  • Tables for defining twisted family histories, and the peculiarities of inbred nobles.
  • Information on 18th century noble titles – and tables to randomly determine the status of aristocrats.
  • Tables for quickly defining the most memorable characteristics of NPCs, and the scandalous desires of your house’s inhabitants.
  • Tables for randomly generating ghosts and hauntings – including Restless Houses that hunger to satisfy their own mysterious cravings.
  • An extensive system for randomly generating the multitude of paintings that festoon the walls of Grand Houses – and tips on how to make them essential facets of a scenario.
  • Tables to create typical names for British country houses, and evocative appellations for castle towers.
  • A table of technological marvels that might be found in a late 18th century Grand House.

And all at a price an orphaned scullery maid could afford! But like a Vauxhall Gardens doxy, once it’s better-dressed, the fancy new version will cost a little more!

Contains some mature subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.