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Combining Gothic Horror and Kung Fu action might sound like a very strange mix indeed. Of course, that’s precisely what Hammer Studios did when they made “The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires” in conjunction with Shaw Brothers! And, of course, there’s also a certain later-era slayer of vampires known to regularly use kick-boxing against the undead… Accordingly, I give you the Kung Fu Fighter for GROOVY Ghastly Affair. Some Presenters may want to exclude it from their more “serious” Sagas, so this Class (along with the Empowered Person) will probably be presented as an Appendix in the eventual GROOVY Ghastly Affair Book. I thought about calling the Class by the more generic name of “Martial Artist”, but I think “Kung Fu Fighter” is simply Groovier!

Now, everybody get ready for some chop-socky terror!


Through your devotion to the ancient martial arts of Asia, you have honed your body into a weapon. Relentless mental and physical discipline has unlocked the subtle energy of your body, known as Chi. Whether battling funky Werewolves on the mean streets of the Bronx, or Hopping Vampires in an isolated Chinese village, a Kung Fu Fighter like you is a match for any creature of the night!

Ability Adjustment: +1 Dex, +1 Wisdom
HD: d10

Kung Fu Fighter Special Abilities

DEADLY STRIKES: The punches and kicks of a Kung Fu Fighter inflict a full 1d6 points of damage (plus their Damage Bonus).

  • A Kung Fu Fighter can choose to inflict either Lethal or Nonlethal damage with their unarmed strikes.
  • At 5th Level, a Kung Fu Fighter can focus their Chi into their hand and feet. Thus they can even harm Spirits, and other creatures otherwise immune to normal weapons.
  • A Kung Fu Fighter above 5th Level can even kill a Vampyre with their bare hands, by ripping out the heart.

ARMOR CLASS BONUS: A Kung Fu Fighter that is awake and alert has an effective AC equal to their Level. This reflects their ability to dodge (or deflect) attacks from any source, including guns.

FIGHT MULTIPLE OPPONENTS: The Kung Fu Fighter can decide whether to concentrate on a single opponent in a Round, or attack multiple adversaries instead.

  • The Kung Fu Fighter can only use their Special Ability to Fight Multiple Opponents when fighting unarmed, or with a Kung Fu Weapon*.
  • The number of opponents a Kung Fu Fighter can potentially attack per Round is equal to their Level plus 1, but no single opponent can be attacked more than once.
  • If all their opponents for that Round are lower Level than the Kung Fu Fighter, the Kung Fu Fighter automatically gains Initiative.
  • The Kung Fu Fighter does not apply their Damage Bonus when they Fight Multiple Opponents.

FLYING KICK (OR PUNCH): If the Kung Fu Fighter has at least 10 feet of free space to run, they can attempt a Flying Kick (or Punch).

  • The Kung Fu Fighter must first make a Dexterity Check (with a +1 Bonus), and then a normal Attack Check.
  • If successful, the Kung Fu Fighter inflicts double damage (1d6 + Damage Bonus, times 2).
  • Whether or not the Flying Kick (or Punch) is successful, the Kung Fu Fighter cannot attack the next Round (but can move or Dodge).
  • If attempted, setting up and executing a Flying Kick (or Punch) is the only action a Kung Fu Fighter can take that Round.

ACROBATICS (+1): A Kung Fu Fighter receives a +1 Bonus on all Ability Checks involving balancing, jumping, tumbling, and running. Their Speed is effectively 10 when engaged in a Chase.

Kung Fu Fighter Weaknesses

CODE OF HONOR: The Player should make a list of eight rules that their Kung Fu Fighter lives by.

  • Every time the character violates a tenant from their Code of Honor, they temporarily lose a random Special Ability. This loss endures until the violation can be rectified.
  • For example, if the Kung Fu Fighter must be brave, but showed cowardice, they must thereafter display exceptional courage in a life-threatening situation. If they must be charitable, but failed to help the unfortunate, they must find a way to thereafter aid the poor. If they must obey their Teacher, but defied them in some way, then the Kung Fu Fighter must complete whatever quest the Teacher decides is appropriate.

DISDAINS MODERN WEAPONS: A Kung Fu fighter only gets their Damage Bonus when fighting unarmed, or with Kung Fu Weapons*. A Kung Fu Fighter could use a revolver if needed, but will it only inflict the base damage of 1d6.

Kung Fu Fighter Advancement Table

Experience Points


Hit Dice

Damage Bonus









































The Player of a Kung Fu Fighter can specify an real-world martial art for their character to practice, but doesn’t really need to. Although the Class is called “Kung Fu Fighter”, the character might actually fight using Karate, Tae Kwon Do, or another style that is not technically “Kung Fu”. In any event, the Kung Fu Fighter uses the kind of martial arts seen in movies (and TV shows) of the 1960s and 70s. If the Presenter can play “whooshing” “cracking”, and “screaming” sound effects (like those in classic Hong Kong martial arts films) when Kung Fu Fighters are in combat, so much the better. It’s probably taking things too far, however, to portray Kung Fu Fighters speaking out of sync with their lips!

A Typical Code of Honor for a Kung Fu Fighter

  1. Obey my Teacher.
  2. Honor the name of the Buddha.
  3. Defeat the ancestral enemies of my Teacher and lineage.
  4. Always fight face-to-face with honor, and never attack an unsuspecting enemy.
  5. Be charitable to the poor.
  6. Always tell the truth.
  7. Use my Kung Fu to defend the weak.
  8. Do not teach the secrets of Kung Fu to an evildoer.

* Kung Fu Weapons

The term “Kung Fu Weapons” includes the Chinese Sword, Katana, Spear, Guandao, Hatchet, Staff, Chain Whip, Ji, Meteor Hammer, Three-Section Staff, Deer Horn Knives, Emei Daggers, Hook Swords, Butterfly Sword, Wind and Fire Wheels, Nunchaku, Tonfa, Sai, Kama, Kunai, Shuriken, and all similar weapons associated with Asian martial arts styles.