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And now, a little “blacklight poster” inspired, space fantasy. Because Panzoasia is meant to be an an easily-approached, all-ages setting, I’ve tried to strike a balance here between the wondrous and the inaccessibly weird. There are naturally nods to some classic tropes of pulp sci-fi.

In the present of Panzoasia, no race of the solar system knows how to build large rockets, and only the light beings of the Sun can travel from planet to planet without magic. Three hundred years into the future, however…

The Planetary Abodes at a Glance

  1. A visitor from Earth observing the sky above Panzoasia would see what appears to be the same Sun, Moon, stars, and planets as in the northern hemisphere of the world they know. Although they seem to be identical, and occupy the same positions, the Planetary Abodes of Panzoasia are more fantastical than their mundane counterparts.
  2. The Sun of Panzoasia is inhabited by super-intelligent beings of living light who dwell in palaces made of solid force, and who can freely ride sunbeams to and from their home. They communicate with each other by altering their brightness, temperature, and color.
  3. The Moon of Panzoasia is dotted with jeweled cities, and gardens of mineral flowers, made by an insectoid race of living crystal.
  4. The Red Planet (mundane Mars) is a harsh world where deserts alternate with areas of hardy vegetation that is red in color, rather than green. The Red Planet is dominated by a hermaphroditic race of short, reptilian humanoids with extremely large eyes.
  5. The Opaline Planet (mundane Mercury) has a thick atmosphere of swirling, multicolored clouds wherein float inhabited islands of fluorescent rock. Its four-armed and four-eyed people possess strikingly-colored wings with which they fly from island to island.
  6. The Blue Planet (mundane Jupiter) is an ocean world with no continents, only scattered islands. Luminescent jellyfish with strange mental powers are the dominant race.
  7. The Green Planet (mundane Venus) is covered by fragrant jungles filled with plants that are both beautiful and carnivorous. Three main races dwell there: the colorful bird-folk who live atop the trees, the flower-headed plant people who live on the ground, and the three-eyed walking serpents who inhabit subterranean cities.
  8.  The Adumbral Planet (mundane Saturn) is so cold that its surface is inhabited only by terrible, semi-organic abominations. Below the surface is a network of tunnels filled with steam-powered machinery built by hairy dwarfs with twisted and evil minds.
  9.  Each Planetary Abode is also a conduit for energy flowing from one of the Perfect Celestial Spheres ruled by the Lord and Lady of Destiny. The positions of the celestial bodies are therefore studied by astrologers hoping to discern the intended fates of mortal beings.
  10. A Tezacan astronomer has recently invented a magical lens that can transform travelers into light, and project them to and from the Planetary Abodes. The lens is mounted within a 30 foot long tube mounted atop a pyramid in the city of Huizalatl. Wizards in Corthis and Hian are experimenting with similar devices.