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This reconfiguration of the B/X Magic User and Elf spell lists both expands the number of available spells (relative to the standard BX lists) and expresses them as concisely as possible (for fast reference and adjudication during play). In Panzoasia, both Magic Users and Elven Warrior-Wizards (the “Elf” of standard B/X rules) eventually have access to 7th Level Spells. Players of Ghastly Affair will notice the inclusion of some spells from that game – especially those that replicate traditional powers of witches and sorcerers. There’s also some spells (such as the 6th Level “Chimeric Monster“) to answer the perennial question of “where did all these monsters come from?”. (Answer: A wizard did it, and here’s how they did it!)

The number of each entries on each list is an even number corresponding directly  to an available type of die – making random generation of spell lists easy. Owners of d30s now have another use for their dice!

The descriptive term in parenthesis after the spell name is the type of magic (Blessing, Transmutation, Divination, Glamour, Malediction, Fascination, or Evocation) the spell represents. The seven terms may already be familiar to players of Ghastly Affair, but they (and their relevance) will also be further explained when I post the Panzoasian Magic User Class.

I’ve altered the usual effects of some spells, especially where I have long felt the original was overpowered – such as Sleep, also known as the “nuke” of low level Magic Users. Of course, the Magic Users and Elven Warrior-Wizards of Panzoasia don’t have to memorize their spells in the traditional “Vancian” fashion – more about that in future posts! Also, wherever the standard B/X (or BECMI) version of a spell was too complicated to be expressed concisely, I’ve streamlined its effect.

Except where otherwise indicated, each spell is assumed to take 1 Round to cast, during which the caster can do nothing else.

Where necessary, the description of each spell is followed by one, two, or two additional terms defining the affected area of the spell, it’s duration, and how the Spell if affected by a successful Saving Throw.

  • If no [affected area] is indicated in brackets, a spell affects 1 target in visible range.
  • If no {duration} is indicated in curly brackets, a spell lasts 1 hour.
  • If no *Save effect is indicates after an asterisk, the spell does not allow a Saving Throw.


1st Level Magic User and Elven Warrior-Wizard Spells

1 Arcane Mark (Transmutation): Caster places a magical inscription up to 6 letters long upon an object or creature, visibly or invisibly. [1 square foot] {Permanent on object; 1 month on creature}
2 Beautify (Glamor): Caster or Recipient’s physical appearance is temporarily brought closer to their culture’s ideal, granting a +3 bonus to initial reactions with their own People. [1 person] {Until Dawn}
3 Burning Hands (Malediction): An arc of fire momentarily shoots from the Caster’s outstretched fingers for 1d6 damage. Flammable items are ignited. [Entire 10’ x 10’ area in front of Caster] *Save halves damage.
4 Charm Person (Fascination): Targeted person regards the Caster as a friend and ally who has the Recipient’s best interests at heart. [1 humanoid person] {Until next full moon} * Save negates.
5 Comprehend Language (Divination): Recipient can read and understand (but not speak) one language specified by the Caster. [1 touched person] {1 Hour}
6 Conjure Familiar (Evocation): Caster conducts an hour-long ritual that binds a minor Planar Spirit as a personal servant and protector. Roll d20 to determine the Familiar conjured. 1 – 19 = Common Familiar. 20 = Special Familiar determined by Caster’s Alignment: Imp (Evil), Mischief Daimon (Chaotic), Church Grim (Lawful or Good), or Raven Revenant (Neutral). {Permanent until familiar is killed}
7 Conjure Monster I (Evocation): Caster summons a Monster (but not a Planar Spirit) of 1 or 2 HD, and forces it to perform one service. {1 hour, or until completion of task}
8 Cut (Malediction): A visible target must Save or be cut as with an invisible knife for 1d4 damage. This spell can also be used to cut ropes, curtains, etc, from a distance. *Save negates.
9 Darkness (Transmutation): All light within a 50 foot radius is extinguished, creating total and impenetrable darkness that clouds all normal vision. Only Infravision allows sight. Darkness dispels Light. {1 Hour}
10 Detect Illusion (Divination): Caster can detect if anything they see or otherwise sense is actually an illusion. [Normal visual range] {Until caster moves from current position}
11 Detect Magic (Divination): Caster will know if any aspect of their immediate environment is magical. [50’ radius] {Until caster moves from Affected Area}
12 Detect Undead (Divination): Caster can detect the presence and number of any Undead creatures in visual range – even if hidden, Invisible, or Ethereal. [1 hour]
13 Feather Fall (Transmutation): Recipients fall slowly and softly, taking no damage upon impact. This Spell can be cast with a word as soon as a fall begins. [1 Human-sized creature per Level] {For duration of fall}
14 Ghost Lights (Transmutation): Caster can create either 1 – 4 floating balls of light (equal to torches), or one glowing humanoid shape, which can be move anywhere in visual range. {1 hour}
15 Ghost Sound (Glamor): Caster creates phantom sounds (other than comprehensible speech) equal in maximum volume to that of 4 people per Caster Level. [within 50’] {1 hour} *Save reveals illusion.
16 Hold Portal (Transmutation): Caster holds the doors (or gate) of a portal in exactly the position they are currently in. {1 hour}
17 Hypnotism (Fascination): Caster commands the attention of one person with 25’. Victim will perform easy, apparently safe requests for as long as the Caster pays undivided attention to them. Afterward, the Victim will forget the whole experience. {No more than 1 hour} * Save negates.
18 Identify (Divination): Caster determines the powers, means of operation, and remaining uses (or charges) of a Magic Item within 25’.
19 Jump (Transmutation): Caster or Recipient can make incredible jumps – up to 30′ forward, and 10′ feet vertically or backwards. The distances increase by 5’ per caster Level. {1 jump per Level of Caster}
20 Light (Transmutation): Either a touched object, or the air itself, sheds light that brightly illuminates a 50′ radius. Light dispels Darkness.{1 Hour}
21 Magic Cipher (Divination): Caster encodes a text using a magical cipher that cannot be broken by any mundane means. Read Magic reveals the encoded text. [1 page per Caster Level] {Permanent}
22 Magic Missile: (Malediction) A supernatural projectile automatically hits any visible Target for 1d6 damage. Caster gets 2 more missiles per 5 Levels.
23 Protection From Evil (Blessing): Caster or Recipient gains +2 to AC and Saves against Evil, Summoned, or Conjured beings, and cannot be physically touched or mentally dominated by such entities. [1 person] {1 hour}
24 Read Magic (Divination): Caster can decipher magically encrypted writings and Spell Scrolls, as well as glyphs, sigils, and runes of a magical nature. {1 hour}
25 Shield (Blessing): Caster is protected by an invisible disk of force similar in size and shape to a large shield, granting +3 AC, +3 to Saves versus Dragon Breath, and immunity to Magic Missiles. [1 hour]
26 Shocking Grasp (Malediction): Caster inflicts 1d6 points of Damage with a touch – and double damage if the Victim is wearing metal armor. [1 touched target]
27 Sleep (Fascination): A visible, living Victim with no more HD than the Caster falls asleep. {Until dawn} *Save negates.
28 Sorcerer’s Hand (Transmutation): Caster can move in any direction an object weighing up to 5 pounds. [50’] {Until concentration ends}
29 Spider Climb (Transmutation): Caster or Recipient can walk (but not run) up walls and across ceilings in a manner similar to a spider. Recipient will not become disoriented by such movement. [1 hour]
30 Unseen Servant (Transmutation): Caster creates a mobile invisible force that can perform any ordinary household task requiring no creative thought. It can lift 20 lbs maximum. [Within 50’ of Caster] [1 hour}


2nd Level Magic User and Elven Warrior-Wizard Spells

1 Acid Arrow (Malediction): Caster casts a bolt of acid at a Target for 1d6 damage, + 1d6 next Round. A successful to-hit roll (as if opponent was unarmored) is required. [1 visible target] {2 Rounds}
2 Alter Self (Transmutation): Caster assumes a humanoid form, between twice and one half their own size (but not a specific person). Can attack with claws, swim with fins, etc., but winged forms cannot fly. {Until dawn}
3 Augury (Divination): If they make a successful Wisdom Check, Caster knows whether a particular action to be taken by themselves (or another) is likely to result in harm or benefit (or both) within the next day. Can only be used once per question.
4 Blur (Transmutation): Caster or Recipient’s form and features becomes blurry and uncertain, granting a +2 to Armor Class. The AC Bonus is ignored by creatures that don’t need eyes to attack. {1 hour}
5 Confusion (Fascination): Victim becomes disoriented, and acts randomly. Roll d10 each round: 1-3 = normal action, 7 – 10 = pointless action, 10 = attacks nearest foe or friend. [50 feet] {1 Turn} *Save negates.
6 Conjure Monster II (Evocation): Caster summons a Monster (but not a Planar Spirit) of 3 to 4 HD, and forces it to perform one service. {1 hour, or until completion of task}
7 Continual Light (Transmutation): Either a touched object, or the air itself, perceptually sheds light that brightly illuminates a 50′ radius. Actual sunlight dispels magical Continual Light.{Permanent until dispelled}
8 Cure Light Wounds: Caster or Recipient is cured of 1 point of Damage per own Character Level (or HD if a creature). For example: A 3rd Level Recipient regains 3 lost Hit Points.
9 Electric Discharge (Malediction): An arc of electricity strikes a single Target within 50’ for 2d6 points of damage. *No Save if target is wearing metal armor; Save halves damage otherwise.
10 ESP (Divination): Caster can hear the current thoughts of any desired Victim within normal earshot. If the Victim is an animal or speak an unknown language, the Caster only knows their intentions. If the Caster tries to read more than one mind at a time, they must versus Spells or go insane until dawn. ESP is blocked by lead, gold, tin and aluminum.{1 hour} * Save negates.
11 Fiery Dart (Malediction): A bolt of flame strikes a single Target within 50’ for 2d6 points of damage, igniting combustible items. * Save halves damage.
12 Fog Cloud (Transmutation): Caster creates 50’ diameter cloud of fog that emanates from any desired point within visual range. Visibility within is 5’. Those more than 5’ within are invisible from outside. {1 hour}
13 Hide Thoughts (Blessing): The Recipient is immune to the effect of ESP. {1 hour}
14 Hypnotic Pattern (Fascination): Caster creates a fascinating pattern of either smoke or colored light in the air. 2 HD of viewers per Caster’s Exp. Level can do nothing but watch. {Concentration} * Save negates.
15 Infravision (Transmutation): Caster can see the body heat of creatures, and the temperature of objects, to a distance of 120’. Infravision function even under magical Darkness. {1 hour}
16 Invisibility (Glamour): Caster or Recipient vanishes from all forms of non-magical sight, until they cast a spell or attack another. [1 human-sized subject per Caster Level] {Until dawn}
17 Levitate (Transmutation): Caster, Recipient, or object floats in the air at a height controlled by the Caster. Attacks made while Levitating are at -3. [100 lbs per caster Level, within visual range] {1 hour} *Save negates.
18 Magic Lock (Transmutation): Caster magically locks a box, door, gate, or other portal., so it can be opened only by the Caster, by Dispel Magic, or with a Knock spell. [Up to 30 square feet per Caster Level] {Permanent}
19 Mirror Image (Glamor): Caster surrounds themselves with as many illusory copies of their body as their own Level. An attacker must make a successful Save to hit or affect the real Caster {1 hour}
20 Phantasmal Force (Glamour): Caster creates a purely visual illusion of anything desired, no bigger than a 25’ cube. No sounds, tastes, feelings, or smells are produced. {Concentration} *Save reveals the illusion.
21 Pyrotechnics (Malediction): An existing flame either explode in a colored burst, (unprepared onlookers are blinded for a minute), or emits thick, choking smoke in a 50’ radius (everyone within is effectively blind, and suffers -4 to Str & Con for 2 minutes. [50’ radius] {1 minute} * Save negates.
22 Ray of Enfeeblement (Malediction): An invisible ray reduces the Victim’s Strength by 1d6 points, +1 per Caster Level. Caster must make a successful missile attack against the Victim’s AC. {1 hour}
23 Resist Cold (Blessing): Caster or Recipient can ignore damage from cold equal to 2 x Caster’s Exp. Level. {1 hour}
24 Resist Fire (Blessing): Caster or Recipient can ignore damage from fire equal to 2 x Caster’s Exp. Level. {1 hour}
25 Scare (Fascination): All enemy creatures within a 25′ foot radius with less than 5 Levels (or Hit Dice) flee until they can no longer see the Caster. {1 hour} * Save negates.
26 See Invisibility (Divination): Caster can see any creatures that are Invisible, whether due to a magical effect, or being fully Ethereal. {1 hour}
27 Speak With Animals (Divination): Caster can speak to any normal or giant animals encountered, who can communicate to the limits of their Intelligence. Monsters with bizarre anatomies are excluded. [1 hour]
28 Steal Milk (Transmutation): Caster teleports a gallon of milk from inside the udder of a visible animal into a held container. The animal cannot give more milk that day. *Save made by animal’s owner negates.
29 Summon Swarm (Evocation): Caster summons a 50’ diameter swarm of flies, rats, spiders, cockroaches, centipedes, etc. Creatures within must Save to do anything but swat vermin away. {Concentration}
30 Web (Transmutation): Caster creates an area of sticky spider’s webs. Those within must make a Strength Check to move just 5’ a minute. A Web can be burned away at rate of 5’ per Round. [25’ cube] {1 hour}


3rd Level Magic User and Elven Warrior-Wizard Spells

1 Babble (Fascination): Victim loses the ability to read, comprehend, or speak any language. [1 touched victim] {1 hour} * Save negates.
2 Bewitch Cattle (Malediction): Caster causes livestock to die strangely. Roll d4 per Victim: 1 = Victim suffers 1d6 damage per day, 2 = Victim tries to kill self, 3 = Victim bleeds and loses 1 Con point per day, 4 = Victim loses 1 point of Str. per day. [1 animal per Caster Level] {Until next new moon} * Save negates.
3 Blast Crops (Malediction): All the edible and useful plants present in an acre of land become blighted and ruined. [1 acre within visual range] {Permanent} * Save by owner of land (if any) negates.
4 Blink (Transmutation): Caster rapidly and randomly blinks in and out of reality. Only 50% chance Caster can be targeted by an attempted attack or Spell. 50% chance to walk through walls (death if failed) [1 hour]
5 Clairaudience (Divination): Caster can hear (but not see) a known location up to a mile distant as if actually there. [1 hour]
6 Conjure Monster III (Evocation): Caster summons a Monster (but not a Planar Spirit) of 5 to 6 HD, and forces it to perform one service. {1 hour, or until completion of task}
7 Curse (Malediction): Caster inflicts a negative magical condition upon the Victim. Typical Curses include: -4 on one Ability; -3 on all Attack rolls; or -1 on all Saves. {1 day per Exp. Level of Caster} *Save negates.
8 Deadly Vapor (Malediction): The air in a 50’ radius within visible range is filled with poisonous fumes that inflict 3d6 damage. [A 50’ radius in visual range] {1 Round} * Save halves damage.
9 Dispel Magic (Transmutation): Ongoing spell effects are ended. There is a chance of failure equal to 5% x the Level of Spell to be undone (i.e., Dispelling a 5th Level Spell is 25% likely to fail).
10 Empowered Weapon (Blessing): The Caster temporarily makes a weapon or ammunition capable of striking Monsters otherwise immune to normal attacks. [1 weapon, or 12 arrows/bolts/bullets] {Until dawn}
11 Fireball (Malediction): Caster shoots a small projectile which creates a fiery explosion in a 25’ radius, inflicting 1d6 damage per Exp. Level of the Caster to everything within. [25’ radius anywhere in visual range] * Save halves damage.
12 Fly (Transmutation): Caster or Recipient gains the power to fly through the air in any direction, at triple normal human movement rate. {1d6 Turns, + 1 per Caster Level}
13 Galeanthropy (Transmutation): Until dawn, the Caster or Recipient has all the senses of a cat, and can freely change between their normal shape, the form of a black housecat, or the shape of a black Panther. {Until dawn}
14 Gaseous Form (Transmutation): Caster or Recipient, along with any carried items, turns into a misty cloud that is immune to normal weapons, moves at 10’, and can flow through cracks. {1 hour} * Save negates
15 Gust of Wind (Transmutation): Caster creates a blast of gale-force wind. Small creatures are blown back 50’ each Round, Human-sized creatures are blown back 25’, and large creatures cannot move forward. Missile attacks within automatically miss. [25’ x 300’ column in front of Caster] {6 Rounds} *Save negates.
16 Hold Person (Fascination): Caster paralyzes a humanoid Victim under 5 HD, locking them into their current position. Victim can breathe, but take no other action. [1 hour] *Save negates.
17 Knock (Transmutation): Caster opens a locked, barred, or stuck door, chest, box, or portal, even if shut by magical means.
18 Lightning Bolt (Malediction): A bolt of lighting strikes a visible Target for d6 damage per Exp. Level of the Caster. If the Target is killed or destroyed, the bolt continues to the next object directly behind it, and so on, to a distance of 300 feet. *Save halves damage.
19 Locate Object (Divination): Caster knows the location of a desired type of object that can be potentially reached within an hour’s time. A specific item can be located only if the caster is familiar with it. An object encased in lead, aluminum, or tin cannot be found with this spell (but items made of those metals can be).
20 Magic Mouth (Glamour): When a chosen event occurs in a location, a message of up to 25 words will be delivered audibly. The event must be one that could be seen by an ordinary person. {Until triggered}
21 Minor Creation (Transmutation): Caster creates one or more objects of common, relatively soft, organic (but non-living) material such as cloth, wood, paper, or hemp. Precious spices and wondrous materials (such as the sap of the Sword Lacquer tree) cannot be replicated. The object is crude, unless the Caster is also a skilled artisan of the appropriate type. [1 cubic foot per caster Level] {Until dawn}
22 Nondetection (Divination): Caster protects a being or object against Locate Object, Cairvoyance, Clairaudience, any of the Detect spells, and Scrying from any source. {Until dawn}
23 Protection From Normal Missiles (Blessing): Caster or Recipient becomes immune to nonmagical arrows, thrown knives, or other projectile weapons. Melee weapons are unaffected. {1 hour}
24 Shadow Assassin (Evocation): Caster’s shadow detaches, as a Wayward Shadow under their control. It can be sent anywhere reachable before dawn. If it can’t return in time, Caster loses their shadow. {Until dawn}
25 Stinking Cloud (Malediction): Caster creates a 25’ diameter cloud of vapors that smell horrifically bad. Anyone inside is nauseated, and unable to do anything but retch and flee. [1 hour]
26 Suggestion (Fascination): Caster causes one Victim to obey a reasonable sounding directive which can be phrased in one sentence. {Until dawn, or a suggested task is completed} * Save negates.
27 Tongues (Divination): The Caster or Recipient is granted the ability to read, understand, and speak any language encountered. [1 hour]
28 Water Breathing (Transmutation): Caster or Recipient can breathe water as if it was air. {Until dawn}
29 Witch’s Mount (Transmutation): Victim is under the Caster’s control, can Fly, is as strong as a draft horse, and can be used like a mount or farm animal (but cannot be made to fight). [1 person within 50’] {Until dawn} *Save negates.
30 Zone of Silence (Transmutation): Caster turns a 25′ radius into a zone of impenetrable silence. Spells that require speech cannot be cast. [1 hour]


4th Level Magic User and Elven Warrior-Wizard Spells

1 Banish (Fascination): Caster forces one or more Planar Spirits (Angels, Devils, Demons, Fairies, Daimons, Archons, Genies, Elementals) or incorporeal Undead to flee from an area. The total HD of creatures affected cannot be greater than the Caster’s own Level. Banish can only be attempted once per encounter. {Until dawn} *Save Negates
2 Change Gender (Transmutation): Recipient completely changes their biological sex. Former females can now father children, former males can become pregnant, etc. {30 days} *Save negates if undesired.
3 Charm Monster (Fascination): Targeted creature regards the Caster as a friend who has their best interests at heart. [1 Monster not a Spirit or Undead] {30 days, minus Monster’s Int. score} * Save negates.
4 Clairvoyance (Divination): Caster can see (but not hear) a known location up to a mile distant as if actually there. The viewing point is fixed in place, but can be rotated at will. [1 hour]
5 Conjure Monster IV (Evocation): Caster summons a Monster (but not a Planar Spirit) of 7 to 8 HD, and forces it to perform one service. {1 hour, or until completion of task}
6 Control Plants (Transmutation): Caster animates and controls the movement of all plants in a 50’ radius. Plants can be parted to reveal an obscured area; tree limbs can block or strike like clubs; vines and roots can entangle, ensnare, or become nooses; and hard fruit can be thrown like sling bullets. Controlled Plants use the caster’s Attack Bonus and Saves. {1 hour}
7 Detect Lies (Divination): Caster will know instantly if any lies or deceptions are perpetrated within a 25′ foot radius. {1 hour}
8 Detect Scrying (Divination): Caster will know if they are being scried upon, or otherwise observed through supernatural means. Any would-be scrier must save versus Spells, or their identity is revealed. {Until dawn}
9 Dimension Door (Transmutation): Caster or Recipient is teleported to any place the Caster can see. If an unwilling Recipient Saves, Caster is transported to the location instead. *Save negates
10 Disguise Others (Glamor): Caster can make one other person per Level appear to be somebody else, with apparently different clothing and equipment. Only looks are changed – not textures or smells. {Until dawn}
11 Fire Shield (Blessing): Caster’s body is surrounded by protective flames. Anyone trying to touch them, or engage them in melee, takes 1d6 damage (+1 point per Caster’s Level). Potential damage from cold is reduced by the same amount. {1 Turn}
12 Fire Trap (Malediction): Caster places a magical trap upon a closeable object, which explodes for 3d6 damage if opened without permission. The object remains unharmed. Caster specifies who can safely bypass the Fire Trap. {Until triggered} *Save halves damage.
13 Haste (Transmutation): Recipient moves twice as fast as normal. Receives +3 on AC; two actions per Round; and +3 on Saves versus Wands & Breath. Loses 1 point Constitution, and ages 1 year! {1 hour} *Save negates
14 Hide Lies (Fascination): Caster’s lies will be believed without question, unless the hearer employs magic that detects lies or falsehood. {1 hour}
15 Ice Storm (Malediction): The targeted area is pelted with ice and hail that inflicts 1d6 points of damage per Caster’s Exp. Level on everything within. [50’ radius with visual range] {1 Round} *Save halves damage.
16 Illusory Trap (Glamor): Caster creates the illusion of a trap (such as pit or dead fall) which wards the area inside 25’ cube. If apparently triggered, all within suffer 2d6 damage. [25’ cube] *Save inactivates, and retroactively negates damage.
17 Mass Confusion (Fascination): All within 50’ (except Caster) become disoriented, and act randomly. Roll d10 each Round per victim: 1-3 = normal action, 7 – 10 = strange and pointless action, 10 = attacks nearest foe or friend. {1 Turn} *Save negates.
18 Mass Sleep (Fascination): As many visible Victims as the Caster has Levels fall asleep. Those with greater HD than the Caster are immune. {Until dawn} *Save negates.
19 Mysterious Transport (Evocation): The Caster summons a mysterious black horse; a black carriage (and black-shrouded driver) which can hold 4 passengers; or a black sailing boat (manned by a shadowy sailor) which can transport 12 people. None of them can be harmed by any attack. {Disappears at dawn}
20 Obtain Oracle (Divination): Caster learns the result of a proposed course of action in the form of an ambiguous riddle, or unexplained metaphorical statement. Only one Oracle can be obtained per question.
21 Overwhelming Fear (Fascination): Every being not allied with the Caster within a 50′ foot radius must Save versus Wisdom or run away until they can no longer see the Caster. Affected beings stay afraid for 1 hour. *Save negates, and new Save can be made each Round.
22 Polymorph Self (Transmutation): Caster can transform bodily into any creature with HD equal to their own Level, or lower. Only physical form (and Strength) is gained – not any Special Abilities or senses. {1 hour, + 1 Turn/Level}
23 Quench Fire (Transmutation): Every fire, mundane or magical, within a 25′ foot radius is immediately extinguished. Fire Elementals (and similar beings) suffer 7d6 damage. *Save halves damage for creatures.
24 Remove Curse (Blessing): Caster or Recipient is freed from any supernatural curses currently afflicting them. A “curse” is defined by any Spell which includes the word “curse” in its description.
25 Shout (Malediction): Caster emits a shriek that deafens every being within 50’ (except themselves), inflicts 4d6 points of Damage, and shatters glass and crystal. *Save negates deafness, and reduces damage by half.
26 Slow (Transmutation): Victim moves half as fast as normal. Suffers -3 on AC; acts every other Round; and makes Saving Throws versus Wands & Breath with a -3. {1 hour} *Save negates
27 Speak With Dead (Divination): Caster can gain knowledge from an inanimate corpse, including anything it knew while alive. 1 question can be asked for every 2 Levels of the Caster. Answers will be as curt as possible. This spell only be cast once per corpse. [1 corpse] {1 hour}
28 Unbreakable Bargain (Fascination): The Caster and Recipient create a bargain whose terms will inevitably be fulfilled, no matter if either party tries to break them. [2 willing bargainers] {Until fulfilled}
29 Wall of Fire (Transmutation): Caster creates a thin wall composed of brilliant flame, anywhere within a 50’ radius. It cannot be created underfoot of a target. Those who contact or try to cross it suffer 4d6 damage. [A 50’ x 50’ wall, or 25’ diameter ring 20’ high] {1 hour} *Save halves damage, but only if Wall is contacted unwillingly.
30 Wall of Ice (Transmutation): Caster creates a smooth, 1 foot thick wall of solid ice, anywhere within a 50’ radius. It cannot be created underfoot of a target. The wall inflicts 2d6 point of damage on contact with bare skin. Making a hole big enough for a person requires inflicting 40 hit points of damage with magic, or metal tools. [A 50’ x 50’ wall, or 25’ diameter ring 20’ high] {1 hour}


5th Level Magic User and Elven Warrior-Wizard Spells

1 Animate Dead (Evocation): Caster transforms corpses into controlled Skeletons or Zombies with total HD equal to the Caster’s. The Undead created will obey every command in the most literal manner possible. The Caster can only maintain as many HD of Skeletons or Zombies as their own Level. {Permanent}
2 Blacken Sky (Transmutation): The sky for a ½ mile radius overhead turns as black as a starless night. Creatures damaged or deterred by sunlight can function normally under a Blackened Sky. {1 hour}
3 Commune With Spirit (Divination): Caster mentally contacts a Planar Spirit (Angel, Demon, Devil, Fairy, Archon, Daimon, Elemental, or Genie) or incorporeal Undead whose name they know, and asks it one question about a topic within its area of expertise. If a Reaction Roll indicates the Spirit likes the Caster, (or they are already friends) it will answer truthfully (to the best of its knowledge). {1 question}
4 Cone of Cold (Malediction): Caster shoots a cone-shaped emanation of incredible cold which inflicts 9d6 points of Damage. [Cone 50’ long and 25’ wide at end] *Save halves damage.
5 Conjure Monster V: Caster summons a Monster (but not a Planar Spirit) of 9 to 10 HD, and forces it to perform one service. {1 hour, or until completion of task}
6 Control Winds (Transmutation): Caster can alter the direction of the wind anywhere in visual range outdoors, and increase or decrease its speed by up to 100 mph. Gale force winds have effects equal to a Gust of Wind Spell. Winds over 150 mph are strong enough to destroy small wooden buildings and uplift trees. [1 hour]
7 Death Ward (Blessing): Recipient cannot be harmed by offensive Spells (or Maledictions) for the duration of the effect, and is immune to XP loss or Ability damage from contact with the Undead. [Caster, or 1 touched Recipient] {Until dawn}
8 Enter Dream (Glamour): Caster falls asleep, and mentally enters the dreams of a known and named target within 1 mile. The Caster can influence the content of the dream, altering a happy dream into a nightmare (and visa-verse), and/or interacting the dreamer. Targeted dreamer must already be asleep. {1 hour}
9 Explosive Runes (Malediction): Caster creates runes that, when read by an unauthorized being, explodes for 6d6 points of damage. Inscribed object or book will be destroyed. Caster specifies authorized readers at time of casting {Permanent until triggered}
10 Feeblemind (Fascination): Victim’s Intelligence is reduced to 2. [25’] {Until next full moon} *Save negates
11 Giant Animal (Transmutation): Caster transforms an ordinary animal or insect into its Giant or Monstrous form. [1 animal] {Permanent}
12 Insect Plague (Evocation): Caster summons a swarm of locusts (or other destructive vermin) that covers a full acre of land. All edible plants (and stored food) within are consumed, visibility is 5’, and creatures under 2 HD flee. {1 hour}
13 Lesser Globe of Invulnerability (Blessing): No Spell of 3rd Level or below (except Dispel Magic) can be directed to take effect within 10′ of Caster. The Caster can send spells out, however. [10’ radius] {1 hour}
14 Locate Creature (Divination): Caster knows the location of a desired type of creature that can be potentially reached within an hour’s time. A specific creature can be located only if the caster is familiar with it. A creature inside a cage of lead, aluminum, or tin cannot be found with this spell. {1 hour}
15 Magic Circle (Blessing): Caster physically marks out a magical boundary that cannot be crossed, touched, or affected in any way by Planar Spirits or incorporeal Undead. All within enjoy Protection from Evil (as the 1st level spell). [1 circle or polygon up to 10’ in diameter]{Until effaced, crossed, or dispelled by Caster}
16 Major Creation (Transmutation): Caster creates one or more objects of common, non-precious, non wondrous materials (not gold, silver, platinum, electrum, copper, semi-precious tones, gemstones, nor any special material such as Adamant or Cloud Silver). The objects will be crude in workmanship, unless the Caster is also a skilled artisan of the appropriate type. [Objects 1 cubic foot in total size per Level] {Until dawn if object is stone or metal – until next full moon otherwise}
17 Mirage Arcane (Glamor): Caster can make any environment appear to look, smell, sound, taste, and feel like any other environment. [¼ acre per Caster Level] {Until Dawn} *Save reveals the true landscape.
18 Mysterious Building (Glamor): The Caster creates a quasi-real structure of any form, layout, decoration, and interior furnishing desired, but which can occupy no more than 50,000 cubic feet in total volume. It gives shelter, but there is no food, clothing, or water within. {Disappears at dawn} *Save indicates the building does not exist for the viewer, and they cannot see or interact with those within.
19 Passwall (Transmutation): Caster creates a temporary, 5’ x 10’ hole in a wall made of stone, plaster, wood, earth, clay, coral, seashell, or stucco. [A wall located within 50’] {1 hour}
20 Polymorph Other (Transmutation): Recipient is transformed into any creature with no more than twice their original Hit Dice, acquiring all Special Abilities and other characteristics. Recipient is 50% likely to forget who actually are, and transform mentally as well. {Permanent until released by caster} *Save negates.
21 Rain of Blood (Transmutation): A large quantity of real blood falls from the sky or ceiling. All non-Evil creatures under 5 HD must Save or flee the area in fear. All movement is reduced by half, and those attempting to move in the affected area must make a Dexterity Check or fall down. Predatory monsters are attracted to the blood. Vampires receive +1 hp per HD. [150’ radius around caster] {1 minute}
22 Rain of Fish (Evocation): A large quantity of real, living fish fall from the sky or ceiling. All witnesses under 5 HD must Save or stare dumbfounded (and unable to attack) for 6 Rounds. Dumbfounded creatures take 1 hp of damage per Round from falling fish. [150’ radius around Caster] {1 Minute}
23 Scrying (Divination): Caster spies on a known and named individual located on the same world, seeing and hearing as if in close proximity to the target. {1 hour} *Save negates, and reveals the scrying attempt.
24 Telekinesis (Transmutation): By mental concentration the Caster can move objects in any direction through the air up to 500 feet per Round. [25lbs per Caster Level] Anything that done with hands can be done with Telekinesis, including repairs and missile attacks. {Concentration, but no more than 1 minute}
25 Telepathic Bond (Divination): Caster links the minds of a number of visible Recipients, who become able hear each other’s thoughts. [Caster, + 1 Recipient per Level] {1 hour} *Save negates if undesired.
26 Teleport (Transmutation): The Caster, or one living Recipient, instantly disappears, reappearing in another known place on the same world. Unless Caster is intimately familiar with the target area, there is a 1 in 20 chance that the teleported person winds up 1d20 feet above, below, north, south, east, or west of the target (determined randomly). If used to deliberately Teleport a victim into a dangerous place, a Save indicates the Caster is sent instead! [Caster, or 1 living Recipient] *Save negates.
27 True Seeing (Divination): Caster sees things exactly as they are, or were before they being affected by any Spells or Special Abilities that produce illusions, Glamours, or Transmutations. [Visual range] {1 hour}
28 Wall of Force (Transmutation): Caster creates an invisible wall that blocks movement, located anywhere within 50’. [A 50’ x 50’ wall, or 25’ diameter ring 20’ high] {1 hour}
29 Wall of Iron (Transmutation): Caster creates a 1 inch thick, wall of solid iron, anywhere within 50’. The wall can be made to topple and inflicts 10d6 point of damage on those underneath. Making a hole big enough for a person requires inflicting 200 hit points of damage with magic, or steel tools. [A 50’ x 50’ wall, or 25’ diameter ring 20’ high] {1 hour}
30 Wall of Stone (Transmutation): Caster creates a 1 foot thick wall of solid stone, anywhere within 50’. Making a hole big enough for a person requires inflicting 200 hit points of damage with magic, or metal tools. [A 50’ x 50’ wall, or 25’ diameter ring 20’ high] {1 hour}


6th Level Magic User and Elven Warrior-Wizard Spells

1 Anti-Magic Shell (Blessing): The Caster can neither be affected by Spells, nor Cast them on others. [1 hour]
2 Chimeric Monster (Transmutation): The Caster combines the bodies of two creatures within 25’ into a new Monster with at least one Special Ability from each original creature, and all other characteristics selected from one or the other of the “parent” creatures. The Caster does not control the new Monster, unless Charm Monster is also cast. The total HD of the creatures combined cannot exceed the Caster’s Level.
3 Conjure Invisible Stalker (Evocation): The Caster summons an Invisible Stalker and commands it to perform one task – assassinating, spying and reporting back, etc. {Until completion of task} *Save negates
4 Conjure Monster VI (Evocation): Caster summons a Monster (but not a Planar Spirit) of 11 to 12 HD, and forces it to perform one service. {1 hour, or until completion of task}
5 Death Spell (Malediction): All plants and ordinary vermin within a 50’ radius are instantly killed, + 4d8 HD of larger living beings (lowest HD beings first). Beings with 8 or more HD are immune. *Save negates.
6 Disintegrate (Malediction): A single targeted creature or object dissolves into a fine powder that disperses in the slightest breeze. Stone walls or buildings must be Disintegrated one 10’ cube at a time. Planar Spirits, Enchanted creatures and Magic Items are immune. *Save negates.
7 Dismissal (Evocation): Caster forces a single Planar Spirit to return to its place of origin. [1 Spirit with no more HD than the Caster] {Until next New Moon} *Save negates
8 Geas (Fascination): Caster imposes upon a single Victim either a task that must be performed, or an action that must be avoided. If the Victim fails to undertake the task or avoid the action, they suffer a Curse (as the 3rd Level spell) until they do as directed. No directly lethal tasks or taboos can be imposed. This Spell can also undo a Geas already on a Recipient. {Until task is performed, or Caster relents} *Save negates.
9 Legendary Lore (Divination): The Caster learns all the stories associated with a noteworthy or famous person, place, or object. Note that stories learned may not not be true, and may contradict each other. Stories are learned at the rate of 1 per day – the knowledge is gained upon awakening. {Until all stories are learned}
10 Lower Water (Transmutation): Up to 10,000 square feet of water in visual range lowers to half its usual depth. If used on a large body of water, the affected are is bounded by walls of water. {1 hour}
11 Move Earth (Transmutation): The Caster causes soil (but not rock) to be dug, piled, packed, rammed, and otherwise rearranged as if 40 men were laboring at once (moving 60 cubic feet a Turn) [1 hour]
12 Programmed Phantasmagoria (Glamor): Caster creates an illusion affecting every sense, which follows a predetermined series of actions, and lasts up to 1 Turn. The Caster can make the illusion be triggered by an action (which must be one observable to an ordinary person), or have it repeat on an endless loop. [Area inside a 50’ cube] {Permanent until disbelieved} *Save reveals and ends illusion.
13 Projected Double (Glamor): Caster creates an illusory double of their body (including their equipment), and splits their consciousness between it and their actual body. The Double can wander up to 1 mile away from the Caster’s actual body, and can be used used to Cast Spells that seem to originate from it. The Caster can see, hear, and smell through the Double, but not touch or hold anything (and if touched the Double is insubstantial). [1 hour]
14 Rain of Stones (Malediction): Stones rain down in a 150’ radius, inflicting 6d6 points of Lethal Damage to all other exposed beings besides the Caster. The stones are real, and persist. {1 Round} *Save halves damage.
15 Raise or Calm Storm (Transmutation): The Caster either creates a violent storm of a type appropriate to the climate and location (a blizzard during the winter months in a temperate climate, a sandstorm in a hot desert, etc.), or calms such a storm already occurring. [10 mile radius] {Until dawn}
16 Reincarnate (Evocation): Caster causes a recently dead person to be instantly reborn in an animal body as a Zoomorphic Revenant, otherwise retaining their mind, memories, and Alignment. The new animal form will be symbolic of their previous Class. [1 person, dead no more than a day] *Save negates if undesired.
17 Summon Planar Spirit (Evocation): Caster causes the appearance of an uncontrolled Daimon, Elemental, Genie, Devil, Demon, Angel, Fairy, Archon, Elemental, or noncorporeal Undead, with no more Hit Dice than their own. The Caster must specify the type of being they desire. A specific Spirit can be Summoned, if the Caster knows their name, an holds a copy of their special Sigil. *Save negates.
18 Transmute Stone and Flesh (Transmutation): The Caster either restores a petrified being to life, or petrifies a living creature. {Permanent, unless Dispelled} *Save negates
19 Travel the Planets (Transmutation): Caster (and 1 companion per Level) is physically transported to a desired Planetary Abode (or back to Panzoasia). {1 trip}
20 Wall of Thorns (Transmutation): Caster creates a 5 foot thick wall of twisting brush covered with finger-length thorns, anywhere within a 50’ radius. It cannot be created underfoot of a target. The wall inflicts 5d6 point of damage on contact. Making a hole big enough for a person requires inflicting 40 hit points of damage with magic, or (long) metal tools. If burned, the wall becomes a Wall of Fire for 1 Turn before collapsing. [A 50’ x 50’ wall, or 25’ diameter ring 20’ high] {1 hour}


7th Level Magic User and Elven Warrior-Wizard Spells

1 Antipathy and Sympathy (Fascination):A designated area or object either repels or attracts creatures with one or more defined characteristics (such as species, Class, Alignment, age, sex, etc.), as specified by the Caster.

  • Antipathy causes the specified creature(s) to Save versus Spells when they see the area or object. Failure means they cannot enter the area (or touch the object). Success means they lose 1 Dex. per Round until they leave the place(or stop touching the object). Lost Dexterity is returned when the Spell ends.
  • Sympathy also causes the specified creature(s) to Save versus Spells when they see the area or object. Failure means they will enter and not leave the area (or cease touching the object). Success means they are free to leave the location (or drop the object), but must Save again 1d6 Turns later to avoid returning to the area or object.

[1 object, or area 50’ x 50’] {Until dawn} *Save partially negates – see above.

2 Astral Projection (Transmutation): The mind and soul of the Caster, and anyone they touch, leave the body to travel on the Astral Plane. Recipients can travel to Dream Worlds, Supernal Worlds, or Infernal Worlds. Souls are connected to their physical bodies by an infinitely stretchable Silver Cord – if it is somehow severed (possibly with a magic weapon) the sleeping physical body is killed. {Until dawn}
3 Charm Plant (Fascination): One large tree, 2 small trees, 6 bushes, 12 shrubs, 24 ordinary plants, or all the ivy on the side of a building, become friendly and protective, growing and moving at the caster’s request in a manner similar to the effect of Control Plants. Plant Monsters are affected as by a Charm Monster spell. {Until the end of Winter} *Plant Monsters can save to negate.
4 Conjure Monsters VII (Evocation): Caster summons a Monster (but not a Planar Spirit) of 13 to 14 HD, and forces it to perform one service. {1 hour, or until completion of task}
5 Delayed Blast Fireball (Malediction): Caster creates a ruby-like gem that will explode as a Fireball (for d6 damage per Exp. Level of Caster) anytime from 1 Round to 1 hour later (as specified by the Caster). The gem can be thrown or put into a sling, like any other rock. Caster can also will the Fireball to explode before the predetermined time. {1 Round to 1 Hour} *Save halves damage from Fireball.
6 Enter Ethereal Plane (Transmutation): Recipients’ bodies and equipment dissolve into the Ethereal Plane. Those affected are fully Ethereal (invisible and invulnerable to physical attacks), partially Ethereal (translucent, and taking half damage from magical weapons only) or fully physical at Caster’s desire. Ethereal beings can move though solid objects in the Material World at a movement rate of 1,800’. [User & 1 touched Recipient per Level] {Until dawn}
7 Environmental Adaptation (Transmutation): The Caster, and one additional Recipient per Level, become completely immune to damage or harm from environmental effects, however extreme. They could walk in the lava fields of Fiery Purgatory without damage, swim underneath the Eternal Sea without drowning, breath the toxic air of the Adumbral Planet, etc. {24 hours}
8 Limited Wish (Transmutation): Caster verbalizes a wish, which can: (A) mimic any other Spell from any Class’s list, (B) undo the effects of any other Spell, (C) bestow a Soul upon a soulless being, (D) create any Monster, (E) change a creature’s Alignment, (F) find or restore to existence a lost or destroyed object or being, or (G) erase up to the last hour of history, re-living it with the Caster’s knowledge intact. Wishes are always interpreted literally. Each casting ages a Human or Halfling by 1 year, a Gnome by 7, or an Elf by 15.
9 Mass Invisibility (Glamour): Up to 300 HD of Recipients visible to the Caster become Invisible until they attack another or use magic. Creatures larger than a human count as triple HD. {Endures until broken}
10 Mind Blank (Blessing): The Recipient is immune to all Spells, Special Abilities, and Magic Items which influence the mind, feelings or perceptions, gather information about the Recipient, or are designated as Fascinations, Glamours, and Divinations. Recipient is also immune to Psionic attacks. {12 hours}
11 Mystical Sword (Malediction): A glowing force attacks the Caster’s enemies like a two-handed sword wielded by specialized, 14th Level Fighter. It can strike all beings. [Enemies within 25’ of Caster] {12 Rounds}
12 Permanency (Transmutation): Caster makes the effect of a normally impermanent Blessing, Divination, Glamour, or Transmutation Spell endure perpetually. Only Caster’s own Spells can be affected. Each use permanently drains 1 point of Constitution from the Caster. {Permanent}
13 Power Word Stun (Malediction): A single Victim is stunned and unable to act for minutes equal to 80 minus their Hit Points. Creatures over 70hp are immune. There is no Saving Throw.
14 Prismatic Spray (Malediction): Seven rays of colored light momentarily shoot from the Caster’s hand. Roll d8 to determine which ray strikes each being in the affected area in front of the Caster:
1: Red ray. 20 points of damage from fire. *Save halves damage.
2: Orange ray. Sent to a random Planetary Abode. *Save negates.
3: Yellow ray. 80 points of damage from electricity. *Save halves damage
4: Green ray. Die from poison. *Save negates
5: Blue ray. 40 point of damage from cold. *Save halves damage.
6: Indigo ray. Turned to stone. *Save negates
7: Violet ray. Driven insane. *Save negates
8: Target hit by two rays. Roll again twice, re-rolling results of “8”.

Additionally, every being under 8 HD in the affected area must also Save versus Spells or go Blind.
[A cone 50’ long x 25’ wide] *Save halves or negates – see above.

15 Raise Dead (Evocation): A person dead up to 3 days is restored to life – possibly with unintended consequences. Roll d20: 1 – 14 = person is at 1 hp but suffers no other ill effects, 15 – 16 = person is now the opposite Alignment, 17 -18 = person’s body is co-inhabited by a Planar Spirit or incorporeal Undead Monster, 19 – 20 = person is now an Undead Monster of HD equal to their former Level.
16 Reverse Gravity (Transmutation): Unsecured creatures and object will shoot 50 upwards (striking any ceiling for 1d6 damage per 10 feet of height), and then fall (normal damage). [50’ radius within visual range]
17 Simulacrum (Glamour): The Caster creates a duplicate of a person which appears real, but is actually made from materials such as ice, logs, rope, leaves, twigs, moss, vines, rocks, meat, dirt, etc. The Simulacrum has the same Abilities, but half the Level, Hit Points, and memories of the original. It is devoid of personality and is a puppet of the Caster – unless it is granted its own Soul with Limited Wish. *Save reveals the true form, if viewer is suspicious.
18 Summon Object (Evocation): The Caster instantly transports to their hands, from anywhere in the Cosmos, an object (no bigger than a staff) that they have previous inscribed with an Arcane Mark.
19 Teleport any Object (Transmutation): The Caster can send any living thing, or an object weighing up to 1,000 lbs, to any known place in the Material World. Unless Caster is intimately familiar with the target area, there is a 1 in 20 chance that the teleported object winds up 1d20 feet above, below, north, south, east, or west of the target (determined randomly). If used to deliberately Teleport a victim into a dangerous place, Save indicates the Caster is sent instead! [Caster, 1 living Recipient, or object up to 1,000 lbs] *Save negates, if undesired.
20 Vampirize (Transmutation): The Caster drains a Level (or HD) from a person, and reverses one month of aging for either themselves, or another Recipient. A person drained of all Levels (or HD) becomes an uncontrolled (and vengeful) Undead Monster. Casting (or benefiting from) this spell instantly makes a Good character Lawful, a Lawful character Neutral, a Neutral character Chaotic, and a Chaotic character Evil. *Save negates