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Available now on DriveThruRPG, the third in a series of modular supplements presenting re-imagined Character Classes, variant rules, and setting information for Classic-style fantasy adventure games.

Includes everything you need to play a Gnomish Tinkerer character:

  • A new 14 Level Class, presented in a concise tabular format that fits on the back of a character sheet.
  • A large-scale map of the Ultimate West of Panzoasia, and a single-page overview of this accessible, yet surprising, campaign setting – where Orcs are colonizing industrialists, the Monsters are invasive species, and adventurers reclaim stolen lands and treasures.
  • Easy-to-reference modified rules for the Classic B/X and BECMI systems, including a rethought “five-point” Alignment model, and a simple system for advancing PCs by hours played.
  • A page of facts about the Gnomes of Panzoasia – as (in)famous for their bizarre hats as their strange contraptions.
  • A table of popular names for Panzoasian Gnomes, and a flavorful list of suggested starting equipment.
  • 58 Gnomish Contraptions, in an easy-to-reference concise tabular format.
  • Setting-integrated Destinies for 9th and 14th Level Gnomish Tinkerer PCs. Characters can accept the fate decided for them by the Starry Archons – or resist it in the cause of Free Will!
  • Class variants, including Dwarven Tinkerers, and Elven Toy Makers.
  • Descriptions of the wondrous minerals known to the Gnomes, including the poison-neutralizing Toad Stone, and fire-producing Terrabolam stones.
  • Wondrous flora known to the Gnomes – such as the beloved Glistenwood, whose lumber glitters in the light,
  • Cross-compatible creature stats for the Serpentine Dragon, and the fabled Saganic Gnomes – elemental people of Earth who who inhabit Buried Cities deep underground.
  • Bullet-pointed facts about the lands of Ultimate West, and the adjacent realms.

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