Upcoming Releases

The following Ghastly Affair supplements are currently in progress. Much of their material has (or will) premiere on this blog in draft form. All information is naturally subject to change as the projects evolve.

A Ghastly Companion to Castles, Mansions, & Estates

Target release date (Full Release Version): Winter 2019
Expected approximate page count: 300.
Status: Rough-Hewn Edition available now.

A Ghastly Companion to Gothic Icons

Proposed Contents: A selection of iconic creatures, historical figures, and literary characters. The attendees at Villa Diodati in the Summer of 1816 – Lord Byron, Mary Shelley, Doctor Polidori, etc. More creatures from Gothic fiction – the Bride of Corinth, Clockwork Impostors, etc. Famous Vampyres such as Carmilla and Lord Ruthven.
Target release date: 2020
Expected approximate page count: 60
Status: Work on text has begun.

A Ghastly Companion to High Society

Proposed Contents: Life in High Society, and tips on role-playing aristocrats. Scripts for scenes set during the morning toilette, dinners, dances, and other events. Hunting, gambling, and other pastimes of High Society. Visiting spa towns. A discussion of fashion across the Ghastly Age. Random generation of High Society outfits, including Masquerade Ball costumes. Timeline of incidents in European High Society from 1765 to 1820. Tables for determining events in High Society.
Target release date: 2020
Expected approximate page count: 150
Status: Work on text has begun.