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Hello! Its been a long while since I’ve posted here, but I’ve been working on the Gothic RPG that I’ve long been promising. Now I’m ready to share it with you.

Ghastly Affair is an OGL Role Playing Game where players portray typical characters from Gothic fiction, set in the delirious years between 1765 and 1820. It utilizes a simple “roll-under-ability” system, with a loose play style that emphasizes high drama and immersion. Its intended to be a game where defending yourself against vicious slanders in High Society is as important as combating the demons possessing the bodies of your spouse and children. While not necessarily combat-centered, there are certainly opportunities for destroying the forces of evil. Or for becoming them…

If you want to…

  • explore the dark castles of mysterious noblemen
  • rescue hapless prisoners from the clutches of an ancient vampyre
  • steal the money (and hearts) of decadent aristocrats
  • confront a howling ghost in a long-abandoned chamber
  • wander the lonely moors, seeking your lost love
  • plot revolution in a dark coffeehouse, wary of royal spies
  • defend your village from the depredations of a werewolf
  • pursue scientific truth beyond the bounds of morality
  • bargain with a witch for wealth and fortune
  • attend lavish masquerades where reputations are destroyed with flicks of a lady’s fan

then Ghastly Affair is for you!

I wrote Ghastly Affair because it’s the game I wanted to run with my diverse group of Players. It has its roots, of course, in the Gothic material that I published on this blog. I decided, however, to create my own game designed to better emulate the Gothic genre. I’m sharing it for the benefit of those who might want to play a Gothic Romance RPG, with minimal pick-up time. Also, the game is almost entirely Open Game Content.

Ghastly Affair is available in the Download section. Enjoy!

Note: Ghastly Affair includes some potentially disturbing material drawn from pre-Victorian Gothic literature and late eighteenth-century history. Although the game can support a variety of play-styles from darkly comedic to action-packed, the text is intended for mature readers.