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Highdark Hall - Park and OutbuildingsPresenting the latest addition to the popular Highdark Hall series, The Enclosed Park & Outbuildings. Venture outside the great house, and wander the gardens, strange follies, and haunted landscapes of the surrounding park. Highdark Hall‘s parkland is an incongruous spot of green amid the desolate moorland that surrounds it, and the seemingly natural landscaping of the park is mostly artificial in origin. It was a massive undertaking to create, and requires constant work to maintain. Rumors insinuate that the strange fertility of the parkland may also have another, more disturbing explanation.

Use the map for your Gothic, horror, and even steampunk games, or just lose yourself in dark reverie as you mentally explore the grounds. Imagine what secrets lie buried (quite literally) on the property.

Coming soon are descriptions of the parkland features, and details on the outbuilding servants (as well as the ornamental hermit paid to live on the grounds, dressed as an ancient Druid!)